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In our analysis of 10,000+ pages about Chaturbate cam girls, we found that only about 1000 girls use this method. 

All the girls who apply this method in their business are very successful and earn six-figure payments.

You don‘t need any skills in this guide you will get step by step how to make this METHOD and start making MONEY today.


In this step you ’ll see, an analysis of Twitter profile, Website, and Chaturbate Affiliate Program.

The example in the picture is one of the 1000 successful girls I mentioned.

When you open her Twitter profile you can see links to her pages.

You can see three links, but the picture is highlighted in red, which is important.

In the following picture, we can see what happens when we click on her page.

By clicking on the link we come directly to her Chaturbate room.

This procedure is called redirection and I ‘ll explain it in detail through the following steps.

Of course, you can try this by clicking or typing on its link and seeing that it will happen to make sure.

To be sure, analyze the following Twitter accounts.

Now I ‘ll show you as proof some successful girls who also use this method.

In each of these pictures, clicking on the highlighted red link you will see that it opens up her Chaturbate room.

Now that you’ve seen what redirecting is, we can now analyze your Chaturbate Affiliate.

You ‘ll get to your Affiliate option by typing on Google chaturbate affiliate as in the image below.

Click on the option as in the picture labeled Chaturbate Affiliate Program.

Here we see the Chaturbate Affiliate Program.

Two options that are important to us are Linking Codes and Stats.

These two options are highlighted in the picture, so let’s explain each separately.

Let’s go for Linking Codes analysis.

When you open the Linking Codes, we see three different types of contracts.

All have been tested and this contract has shown the best results.

Most important to us is the Program: Revshare: 20% of Money Spent + $50 per broadcaster + 5% Referred Affiliate Income.

This is a program where you get 20% of every spend that came through your link.

For example, a user through your link and spent $100 you will get $20 for it.

There may be days when someone will spend $400 and in that case you will receive $80.

Now think about how much money you missed and how much went by you.

After the time comes to activate your program, I ‘ll explain in detail I just wanted to analyze and see how it looks.

Stats option I guess you know, because you’re a Chaturbate user as a broadcaster. 

In the picture you can see on what date how many visits were there, whether anyone registered through your link.

Here we see the Referred Broadcasters ($50) section.

Here you ‘ll see if someone  has registered through your link, who will broadcast the same as you and in that case you ‘ll receive $50 per registration.

Total Money Spent inform us how much someone has spent and Payout section shows how much we earn, but I believe you know it. 

For your site to finally get online, we need a quality web hosting services.

Web Hosting is always the foundation of your business if you do something online.

There are many reasons that the wrong choice of hosting can affect you badly, but I ‘ll only mention the most important to us and say something about it.

Bad Customer Support

You need plenty of time to focus on your business without the added stress of technical stuff on your site.

Web hosting providers of poor quality will usually not be there when you need them to contact you, answer your questions, or assist in any way.

We need a reliable host who is available 24/7 whether it is a problem or some simple issue.

 You ‘ll get the Adult Hosting bass you need.


  • Immediate Activation
  • Free application installation
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • Step by step tutorials
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support
  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free cPanel
  • Weebly Sitebuilder
  • Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Basic Caching

You have seen here what this hosting gives you, they are truly amazing. 

They have exactly what you need Adult Web Hosting.

Best hosting for Adult websites for the only 2.95/month.


How much money you put into irrelevant things and this is one coffee you pay in a month.


Please follow this step carefully.

Here I will show you in detail how to get a discount and buy web hosting for $2.95/month.

To get the best price you will purchase through this link

Before typing in the discount link I would like to warn you that the discount may expire.

When you have typed the discount link in the image we can see a page for buying our web hosting.

Click on the box marked in red.

On the next page, we see three hosting packages.

Our package is STARTER, you can see in the picture that it is the best selling.

There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Clicking on the highlighted red box will continue our purchase.

We see in the picture that your domain is free.

In the box marked in red, you see yourhotgirl I wrote this for example.

The name you want for your site should be entered in this field.

I recommend that you take .com because it is world-class and great for your branding.

If you choose a name that is in use, try another available one.

Now click on the search button.

On this page, you can see that our domain is available and we continue to buy.

The picture shows the fields where you need to enter email, password, and confirm password.

Don’t forget your password as this will log in to your hosting account.

The very important thing before we proceed with the purchase.

If another person or friend buys for you, then that person should enter his or her correct information.

The card or PayPal should also be owned by the same person.

If they notice, I give an example: your email is entered and payment documents are from another person such a purchase will not be possible.
Purchases made in this way and anything similar will be blocked.

To avoid this, my advice is to do it with your card or PayPal.

This is a thing that you need to have control over, it still brings you great profits.

In the first picture, we see how the girl tried to buy in the way I warned you.

While in the second picture you can see that its purchase is blocked and disabled.

We will enter our exact information here.

The Company field is optional so you do not have to fill in.

Please write this rest with your correct information to continue our succesful purchase.

Here we see what payment methods are allowed.

You can make payments by credit and debits card, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

For those who don‘t know what the CVV Code is, you have an example in the second picture.

At the end of the text I will leave you a link, where you can contact me for any help you need.

The image shows location hosting services.

I suppose your fans and audiences are from all over the world.

For this reason, you need to take a location from the center of the world.

This is the best option for loading your site fastest.

Recommendation to choose Amsterdam.

Here are options for which period you will buy hosting.

To get the price of $2.95/month we need to buy hosting for 36 months.

The price would then be $106.20.

If that‘s a lot then I advise you to take 12 month period for $4.95/month, in which case the price is $59.40.

There will be a situation when in one day you earn the price  of your  annual hosting.

That‘s a great price for that period and you don’t have to think about it all year long.

They inform you on time by email, about renewing your hosting.

The only option you need to choose is Domain Registration FREE.

You do not need extra services, so leave these field blank as in the picture.

These are the services you do not need.

We are finally at the end of our purchase.

Make sure you agree to their terms as pictured.

When we have done everything you can click on COMPLETE ORDER. 

We have arrived at our final step in linking your site to your Chaturbate room.

In the last step, we will learn how to do a redirect.

Now you‘re surely wondering how I’m going to do this?

Don‘t worry, I ‘ll explain in detail how to do redirection and then start making money.

As you saw in the beginning this method is used successful girls in this business.

You will do the same job but your earnings will be much higher.

Let‘s finish our last step.


After the purchase you will receive four e-mails as in the picture.

I ‘ll explain to you what are important to us and what you need to do in the following examples.

The picture shows the email you need to open first.

We see the capital letters in the title say IMPORTANT.

You need to verify the contact information for your domain.

Click on this email.

We see an email with a link.

By clicking the link that is marked, you will verify your information.


When you have completed the verification we go to the following marked email.

Click on it.

This email inform us that the domain registration is successful.

Click on the checkbox and log in to the client area.

Use the email and password you provided when making your purchase.

You will click on Open Ticket and contact support to do redirection.

Click on Script Install and nothing will open because below is the next thing you need to do.

The picture shows everything you need to fill out, but it is also written here.

Subject: I need redirection for the domain

Related Service: Choose your domain

Script Name: You have a list with lots of scripts, the last option in the list to choose

Installation Folder: blank field

User Name: your email

Password: blank field

Before writing a message to the support team, you need to copy the redirect link.

Let‘s go to the Chaturbate Affiliate  Program page again.

You will click on Linking Codes there.

You have already seen in the first step this program.

Go to the last program and it‘s like in the picture.

Go to Join Page and Redirect to Room as in the picture.

In the Room Name box you see the capital letters YOUR ROOM NAME, enter the Chaturbate name of your room there.

In the following example you will see what it looks like.

Here you have an example of a girl and her room name.

When you have finished typing a name from your room, press Submit.

Pressing Submit will give you a redirect link.

Copy that link.

The picture shows you everything you need to do.

Write the same message as in the picture.

The link you copied will be pasted next to My Chaturbate Link.

See in capital letters YOUR REDIRECT LINK, write there.

When you’re done, click Submit to send the message.

The support team will respond with a message you can see in the picture.

In about an hour , your redirection will be over and you can start making money.

Now you are definitely considering wheter to create a redirect page.

You may not know (at least not consciously), but the important decision lies with you.

A decision that has 2 options, leading two different outcomes.

Listen carefully for 2 options to choose the right one for you.

Option 1 leave this page and drop your daily earnings of 70%

I think you already know what‘s going to happen because you thought that while reading.

Feeling how much money you have lost so far.

If you want have your site, start branding, jump away from the competition, then this is the right choice for you.

Unlike the first option, where you will stay like any other girl, this option allows you to make big money like the girls mentioned above.

So make your site and start making money with this method.


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